Drilling and Completion

Sky Energy Partners has a vast experience in Well Engineering and Well management of medium to large sized projects. Founder and MD Leendert-Jan Ursem was the Lead Drilling Engineer for the major Nakika Project in the gulf of Mexico with record  (at that time) water depths of 7400′ . This project included designer horizontal wells and were high risk shallow water flow candidates.

Another milestone project was the complete basis of Design led by Leendert-Jan for European biggest gas storage Bergermeer by operator Taqa in North Holland, Netherlands. These high rate gas wells needed designer big bore wells with a high resistances against stress cycling during continuous production and injection cycles.

The exploration wells for Genel Energy in Malta and Morocco were designed as efficient exploration wells with high reliability components and ample contingency levels for drilling and testing these wells.

For land operations, the designs for deep oil wells of Givot Olam do cater for contingency to pass a depleted zone at the top of the reservoir without compromising the integrity of the lower zones. Other techniques implemented in designs for Givot Olam are Radial Drilling.