What is Sky Energy Partners?

Sky Energy Partners is a small and effective company that assists small operators to quickly scale up and deploy a team of highly skilled professionals to develop a field or to start an exploration campaign.

Sky Energy Partners core skill areas are Subsurface, Well engineering and Well Operations with a large associated network in Contracts, logistics, Facilities engineering and HSE management.

Sky does not intend to be a large well management company and does not boast to have a large number of staff but does claim to have the best quality of core team members to serve the customers direct with a customised approach instead of Junior less experienced engineers doing the front end work as often seen in the well management industry.

While being small and nimble, yet with high-end input, we can provide a very cost effective service for clients without holding them down with a large overhead. This is extremely effective when a company has not yet taken an investment decision and wants to keep the “burn rate” low, yet starting to work already on all different elements of the workscope.

History of  Sky Energy Partners:

The start of the company initiated in late 2012 when founder Leendert-Jan Ursem (A.K.A. LJ) was targeted by ex BP CEO Tony Hayward to lead the Operations team in Genel Energy for all Deepwater activities. With a strong team of Rig superintendents, Senior drilling engineer, Legal and contracts, Logistics and HSE senior staff, the framework was set up to start a multi-year drilling campaign. For the hands on operations, logistics, administrative duties and engineering roles AGR was used to supply additional personnel to work under their framework. The project involved 3 wells in Malta and Morocco and was technically successful followed by an extensive and complicated welltest which was all achieved more that $5 Million under a very tight budget.

The next wells for Genel were non-operated wells in Angola with partner Statoil. These wells were peer reviewed by Sky Energy Partners for Genel and as a result of this review a full casing string was dropped from the intended schedule complete with full risk assessment and complete technical analysis, reducing well complexity, reducing hazardous operations and also reducing well cost without increasing risk.

In 2015 the funding partners of Genel decided to cut all Deepwater spending to safe guard the future of the operations in Kurdistan, hence eliminating the need for the operations team in London and resulting on the release of Sky Energy Partners who seamlessly found a landing in Israel for land operations on the Meged field of Israeli operator Givot Olam.  This small land operator has an oilfield with over 1 million BBl STOIIP but with only 2 wells in place with integrity problems. Sky Energy Partners has taken on the role of the Professional team (approved by the ministry as operator) with a core team of 3 advisors and a specialist team  of 14 technical professionals and has  been able to restore well integrity in one new well and to start up production on this well for the first time and to produce from the deeper zones before the well was closed in by government due to the end of the testing license. Stalled production on the other (oldest) producing well has been restored by Sky Energy Partners but a workover campaign has been proposed for this well which is pending on funding and on a decision by the government to re-open the new well for permanent production.


Meanwhile Sky energy Partners has prepared a full Field Development Plan for Givot Olam and plans to drill new wells on this large oil field. The field Development Plan (FDP) a comprehensive and extensive study which was finalised in 2018 and is currently under investment decision with the share holders.

In Q3 2017 Sky Energy Partners has been selected as the independent well advisor for the State Oil Company of Surinam who drilled the Deepwater exploration well Araku-1 with Tullow in 1000m Deep water offshore Surinam in the Caribbean sea. Since Sky Energy Partners has no funding links to any operator or service contractor it can be truly independent and only look after the primary goals of its client.

In Q2 2018 Sky Energy Partners was chosen as the “operators Operator” for Precision Energy Ltd for the re- developement of the Ejulebe filed in OML-109 in Nigeria. Extensive preparations for the activities involving 2 new wells (one developement and one exploration) and 2 work-overs have taken place with execution to start in 2019.

All principal staff have performed duties in previous operators at senior management and directors level and have sufficient awareness and skills on the fields of finance and HR to enable new country entry with help of others.